Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning : "Make Your Vison Concrete"
"How are you positioned today? Where do we want to be in 5 years ? What makes sense ?  How do we get their? Which funding or investments?  How to convince the stakeholders?

Overview of selected services and deliverables :

  • Provide insight and in-depth analysis, develop strategic plan, assess options, provide implementation concepts and discuss  recommendations, as a neutral partner, to shareholders, board and executive management
  • Offer a structured “ corporate development “ process to come quickly to recommendations and decisions
  • Explore and screen all possible options, target leads, as well organic as non-organic, as well acquisition, investment or divestment as alliances or internal development
  • Propose practical implementation and business transformation concepts
  • Cooperate with internal and external experts
  • Support CEO and C-Level management in Board presentation and review
  • Fully offered and managed